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12 rolls

12 rolls
12 rolls
12 rolls
12 rolls
12 rolls
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  • Model: WS-OZTPR
  • Weight: 29.99kg

Examination table paper roll (embossing) blue color.

60 cm x 100 meter (waterproof) CE mark confirming Pre-cut 180cm.

Price 12 rolls = 133.88 Excl. VAT (162.00 incl. VAT).

This exam table paper is made from 100% 2-ply cellulose. The paper is packaged in a box of 12 rolls, each 100 meters of paper. The roll is 60 cm wide and the examination table 2 is made of thick paper layers. The paper is soft and strongly.

This research paper is gepeforeerd table. This allows you to easily tear off the table paper without the paper is frayed.

This examination table paper has a high quality and is suitable for physiotherapists, chiropodists, general practitioners and other healthcare institutions. The examination table paper is soft and strong and therefore comfortable and practical.

Watch out! This article is waterproof (waterproof) is not made of recycled paper, reducing the quality of the paper is very high.

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