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700 Cups 5.0cm

700 Cups 5.0cm
700 Cups 5.0cm
700 Cups 5.0cm
700 Cups 5.0cm
700 Cups 5.0cm
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  • Model: WS-N-5.0
  • Weight: 12.00kg

in Stock

Thicker Cups (Best Quality).

Cup 4: 5.0cm.

Price: €0,23 plus VAT. (€0,275 euro including VAT).
€0,275 x 700 cups = €192,50 Euro including VAT.
Minimum order 700 cups per size.

Other cups per size.

Cup1: 3.0 cm
Cup2: 3.4 cm
Cup3: 4.4 cm

Cup5: 5.8 cm
Cup6: 6.8 cm

Need more quantity or different sizes? buy here: Mega Mix cups (

-Best and lowest price. (€0,206 per piece).
-Low delivery cost.
-Professional choice.
-Very fast delivery.
-Buy smart = Enjoy low prices.

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