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Alcohol 20 Liter 70%

Alcohol 20 Liter 70%
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Alcohol 20 Liter 70%
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Alcohol 70% 5 Liter x 4 jerrycan = 20 liter

Clean your skin and tools with 70% Alcohol Ketonatus. Alcohol Ketonatus 70% is used as Skin Disinfectant - contains a colorless liquid with a characteristic odor for the disinfection and cleaning of the skin and instruments.

May be supplied as medicine. Furthermore, useful in cosmetic preparations, and as a disinfectant for medical instruments, among others (with the exception of optical instruments).

Warnings: Not suitable for internal use. Keep out of reach of children. Safety: Harmful when taken by mouth or in contact with eyes, skin dries out. Ingestion or inhalation rinse the mouth and consult a physician eyes well and seek medical advice.

This product is legal registered at CTGB ( ) and is sold under the required permit and license.

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