50 Cups 5.0cm

50 Cups 5.0cm

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Thicker Cups (Best Quality).

Cup 4: 5.0cm.

Price: 0,25 Euro plus VAT. (0,30 euro including VAT).
0,30 x 50 cups = 15,00 Euro including VAT.
Minimum order 50 cups per size.

Other cups per size.

Cup1: 3.0 cm
Cup2: 3.4 cm
Cup3: 4.4 cm

Cup5: 5.8 cm
Cup6: 6.8 cm

Additional information:
Dear customers Attention !!!!!
We offer the highest quality at the lowest price.
The cups are made of various kind of material on the market.
Our factory has been around for 24 years. We do not use recycled material, so we have the best quality.
You cann't get anywhere in Europe our prices for our quality, Its our gaurantee.
This thicker cups are the best quality cups (better quality does not exist).
Great for massage.

Important Message:
Do you have a company with a valid VAT ID? than we can offer you all items without VAT. The price is than more cheaper for you.
Contact us at info@orsha.nl to create your order manually with a Valid VAT ID.

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