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Drop Shipping Service

Drop Shipping Service
Drop Shipping Service
Drop Shipping Service
Drop Shipping Service
Drop Shipping Service
Drop Shipping Service
Drop Shipping Service
Drop Shipping Service
Drop Shipping Service
Drop Shipping Service
Drop Shipping Service
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Drop Shipping Service for Europe:

Would you like to resell or forward the cups to your friends/family/clients without any problem? Yes, Its Possible with our new Drop Shipping Service.
Do you have family/ friends/ clients or colleagues in the following countries:

 1: Netherlands (Holland)
 2: Belgium
 3: Germany
 4: France
 5: Denemark
 6: Austria
 7: Luxembourg
 8: Slovakia
 9: Czech Republic
10: Sweden
11: Italy
12: Spain
13: Poland
14: Hungary
15: Great Britain (United Kingdom) UK + Ireland.

How does it work?

1: You give us the order and address details of your clients / family / friends.
2: You will pay the agreed price to us + low fixed shipping fee of € 14.50 per 1,500 cups.
3: Your clients / family / friends pay the price to you, which they agreed with you including your profits.
4: We send the order (including your message) to your clients / family / friends.

(Pay attention):
No information or contact details of our website will be sent to your clients / family / friends, The sender and shipping company is also an seperate business partner of us. Your clients / family / friends doesn't see any contact details of us. Only YOU will recieve the track and trace codes from us, which YOU can forward to your clients / family / friends. In any case of damage or return, your clients / family / friends should discuse this with you and not straightly with us.

See special Drop Shipping Service Shipping Cost below. (This extra low shipping costs is only available for people who wants to use Drop Shipping Service).

For all 15 countries mentioned above the fixed shipping costs are as follows:

€ 14.50 per 1,500 cups. (All size combination allowed).
for each additional 1500 cups is € 14.50 shipping cost more.

1: 1500 to 3000 cups cups the following shipping rate.

     Number of cups                    Shipping cost.
     1500 cups                                   € 14,50
     1500 cups                                   € 14,50
     3000 cups Totale                      € 29,00 Shipping cost totale.

2: 3000 to 1 million cups? = Free delivery till the door for all above listed 15 European (EU) countries.

If your country is not listed where you want to send the cups? please contact us by whatsapp order line or email

Important Message:
Do you have a company with a valid VAT ID?or your friends or family member?
Than we can offer you all of our items without VAT. The price is than more cheaper for you.
Contact us at to create your order manually with a Valid VAT ID.

We accept all clear payments by any European country through IBAN / PayPal / Creditcard etc etc. We have more than 20 European Payment methodes available.
Delievery Time: 2-5 working days to all 15 European Countries including Insurance.

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